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Published: 07th November 2012
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My husband knows the frustration I feel when the truly impossible is asked or expected of me. Iím the type of person that will bend over backwards to make others happy, so asking the impossible of me is downright cruel. Strangely, my husband listens to what is possible and then asks me for something different quite regularly. Most recently, he asked me to dye his work pants to a darker blue. His work pants are a completely synthetic fiber for fire-fighters. My professional dyes work on cotton and other natural fibers. Being curious myself, I gave it a try. His pants now have a slight green hue to them, but they are also darker blue. He hasnít seen them yet, but I know he will be disappointed with the green aura. But, he did ask the impossible.

In the world of machine embroidery, the impossible is often asked and expected. This person wants to stitch on a sheer scarf. That person wants to stitch on wood or other non-fiber item. That other person wants to stitch greeting cards or toilet paper or other non-traditional foundations. And, they all want perfection with every design regardless of the foundation, or blank, they are using and the capabilities of the machine embroidery designs itself.

None of these things is impossible. But, those asking for them want to do little work or research on their own and expect the digitizer of the designs to make sure everything stitches perfectly no matter what! They donít want to use the correct stabilizers or the right type of design for the project. The attitude of expectation is what makes the thing impossible.

Itís important to keep the embroidery supplies stash stocked with many types of stabilizer so that the correct one is available when needed. Just as important is having a variety of machine embroidery designs for different applications.

One needs to know what types of embroidery designs can be used on different materials. A heavy design is never the right choice for sheer or light-weight fabrics or paper of any kind. No amount of stabilizer will make the design stitch correctly or the project look good. Instead, lightly filled designs and color-work are perfect for these applications.

For stitching on things like Balsa wood, light designs are also key so that the wood isnít splintered by needle or thread. Setting up the machine for this very specialized stitchery is more important than anything else, but the embroidery design should be one that stitches quickly.

Free-standing lace should be stitched with the same thread in the top and bobbin. Using a bobbin thread throws off the balance and stability of the design. It only takes a couple of seconds to wind a bobbin, so laziness should never be an option! Itís also important to know FSL embroidery designs can be stitched on fabric. Proper stabilization of a mid- to heavy-weight fabric makes it possible. Itís a great way to coordinate a room!

The digitizers at my favorite embroidery design gallery are so talented and are always offering new embroidery patterns. They are also always willing to answer any questions I have about optimum stitching results for my projects. Because of this, I am more confident of being able to do what needs to be done.

Donít expect the impossible! If you arenít sure that something can be done, ask! You may just find that the impossible becomes possible.

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