Threads and Needles for Embroidery designs

Published: 08th April 2010
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In times past, the embroidery supplies requirements were relatively few compared to today, as the process was entirely done by hand in those  days. But with the present advances in technologically, things have not remained as they were back then. Here we will mention a few of them.

One of the most basic of tools use when stitching out  embroidery designs is the embroidery needle.  Here are 3 different types of needles depending on what they are used  for:

1.Ballpoint needles are usually used on knit fabrics that stretch easily.
2.Sharp-pointed needles are used in fabrics that need to be penetrated with relative ease.
3.Wedge point needles, used when working on leather materials.
Besides different types of embroidery needles, needless to say different types of threads are also available depending on each application and the design that need to be stitched or the or the fabric that needs to used for that particular design work.  Rayon, polyester and cotton thread are all used for different types of fabrics and projects.

Needles and thread only operate on a foundation material. Embroidery fabrics are almost as numerous as applications in which they are employed. Cotton, rayon, silk, linen, leather and canvas are only a few of the favorite fabrics in use. The materials being worked on need to be strengthened with a stabilizer to avoid unwelcome wrinkles and puckering. These backings are used to strengthen fabrics as they are worked on. Some types of backings include cut away, tear away, wash away, adhesive backing, mesh backing and Timtex for caps and fabric bowls.

You will also need a variety of sizes in embroidery hoops to fit your machine. Tubular hoops are popular due to their versatility and ease of use. Their arms are outside the garment while they connect to inner hoop rings. Magnetic hoops are normally used for lightweight cloths. Wooden hoops have great holding power but need to be kept away from moisture. For general purposes you use Arm-Type embroidery hoops. Q-Mag hoops have the benefit of attaching at two places using both mechanical and magnetic attach plates.  Home embroidery machines come with various hoop sizes to fit your embroidery needs.

Bobbins are spindles or cylinders on which threads are wound as the work goes on. The embroidery machines on which they are used have also taken great technological leaps. Since most of them are computerized, necessary software has to be used. Basically, there are design packages and font packages. The software is used for digitizing, lettering, and editing purposes.

Embroidery accessories include machine oil, link brushes, marking pens/chalk, adhesives, gloves, spot lifters, stitch erasers, and lights. Other tools available also are scissors, nippers, tweezers, and seam rippers.

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